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  • Lotus Blogger Theme
    January 22, 2023
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    Get Free License Key for 1 account 1 key.

    The Event Start at 23 - 28 January 2023 // 11:45 PM (GMT+7).

    Event Running in -X- Zone Discord Server.

    Demo: Lotus
    Demo Safelink Panel: Safelink Panel
    Demo Article Safelink Mode: Article Safelink Mode

    - Dark/Light (Common)
    - Bookmark (Common)
    - Anti-Bom Click (Common)
    - Scrolling Down for Link Safelink Appear (Special)
    - Safelink With ReCaptcha (Special)
    - Next Safelink (Special) // Main Blog -> Safelink (Lotus) -> Any Provider Safelink like adfly, ouo and anything
    - QR Generate in Panel Safelink (Special)

    Last edited : January 22, 2023

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